Weekly Resources

Engagement Study Notes

Communion is an opportunity for followers of Jesus to remember and celebrate what he has done for them through his death and resurrection. The communion bread and wine (or juice) represent Jesus’ broken body and shed blood. They’re reminders that we are forgiven through his sacrifice. First Corinthians 11:17–32 says that believers should approach communion thoughtfully, examining themselves before eating the bread and drinking the juice.

How to Run the Study

  • This is a great time to enjoy one another's company and reflect on the goodness of God in this season.

  • You will need bread for each person and juice.

  • Check out the guide provided for more details.

Weekly Timeline

5 Days Ahead of Time

    • Email the group reminding them of the new study and providing links to that week's content.

1 Day Ahead of Time

    • Send a reminder message including the time and location of the group

During the Group

    • Use Session 13 Storytelling Icebreakers.

    • Watch this video to get started.

    • Select a passage of scripture from the provided guide and read it together.

    • Have each person reflect on what the passage says about the work of Christ as well as your relationship with Him.

    • Pray

    • Eat - have each person get a piece of bread and read 1 Corinthians 11:23-24

    • Drink - have each person get a juice and read 1 Corinthians 11:25-26

    • Pray

Additional Resources