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Identity Study Notes

What we believe about ourselves shapes our identities. Unfortunately, there are a number of false beliefs we’re carrying around. Not only do those false beliefs impact how we view ourselves, they also rob us of a more fulfilling life.

In this two-session study called Identity, your group will explore some common false beliefs people have about themselves and what to do about them.


There are three basic needs we all have, and we will go to great lengths to satisfy them—even if we know the way we’re going about it isn’t healthy.

Check out our five-day reading plan to dive deeper into what was discussed in this session.

How to Run the Study

  • Each of the two weeks you will have a video to discuss in your group meeting. Many groups find it easiest to have group members pre-watch the video and come prepared to discuss it during their group time.

Weekly Timeline

5 Days Ahead of Time

    • Email the group welcoming them and providing links to that week's content.

1 Day Ahead of Time

    • Send a reminder message including the time and location of the group

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